Raves for River City

Grand and glorious!
Hugh Jackman dazzles in this totally enchanting
abso-tootin’-lutely smashing revival. It will give you new life.

A bliss-inducing, gleaming,
feel-good musical comedy!
Hugh Jackman gives the performance of his career,
and Sutton Foster is incandescent.

Jackman is so damn charming.
He has the audience in the palm of his hand.
Foster is a fierce, perfect foil for her co-star.
The Music Man makes us happy simply to be in a theater again.
The Hollywood Reporter

Sutton Foster is a true
musical theater miracle.
She only gets bigger and brighter.

A joyous, blissful
Broadway event!
Foster brings endless exuberance and heart.
Jackman is a dazzling spellbinder.
The Telegraph

Glorious. Exuberant.
Hugh Jackman is astonishing, and if there ever was a stage match
for Jackman, Foster is it. The Music Man is a ride you never want to stop.
All aboard!
Associated Press

Musical theater heaven!
When Jackman takes the stage, the audience virtually levitates.
Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster charm and sparks fly!

Hugh Jackman dazzles
in the perfect role. There is nothing he can’t do onstage.
He sends his audience over the moon, screaming for more.
The Observer

Sutton Foster is dynamite!
The Music Man knocks it out of the park. A blazing Hugh Jackman
lights up Broadway. It’s a sure cure for your pandemic blues!
Good Morning America

A triumphant return!
The role is such a natural fit, Jackman dazzles and slips into its rhythms effortlessly.
The Guardian

Hugh Jackman does it again!
We’re buying whatever The Music Man is selling.

Joyful, hopeful and healing.
Everyone go see The Music Man.
Stephen Colbert, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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